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My big hobby is military history which I have been interested in for 20 years. I focus mainly on the history of the Habsburg Empire during the Napoleonic wars and the wars of 1866. I have been the member of military history clubs that are involved with these wars. During my participation in the events of reenactment, I found out that a lot of units representing different fighting sides of the conflict do not always use appropriate flags that would correspond to certain period. I have decided to change this state! I have been searching for available materials and literature concerning flags. Unfortunately, the literature concerning this issue is poor.

The period of post-“Bílá Hora” battle (1620) to the period of the establishment ofCzechoslovakia(1918) was neglected in our country and at the same time the fact, that since the reign of Maria Theresa, through the Napoleonic wars, the soldiers from the Czech countries fought bravely against the enemy – the Prussians, the French, was disregarded. In theWorldWarI.about one million Czech soldiers fought among the multinational Austrian army. Out of this amount 250 000 our soldiers fell into Russian captivity and 96 000 Czechs and Slovaks betrayed their oath and fought in the ranks of the legions inFrance,ItalyandRussiaagainst the emperor. Nevertheless, several hundred thousands of our soldiers fulfilled the oath to the emperor until the very end.

I would also like to remind us of a forgotten figure of Marshal Radetzky, who has been neglected in our country. In our history we haven´t had a lot of such outstanding military personalities, that we could condemn the marshal.

In the course of time and by my studies I have attained the materials ofHeeresgeschichtlichenMuseuminViennaand Museé de ľ Empéri v Salon de Provance. Now I am able to paint exact replicas of the flags of the Austrian Empire, Napoleonic France, the flags ofRussiaandPrussiafrom different periods.

You can see my flags at various events of the reenactment all over Europe, but also in Canada.
At present time, the basis for the following painted flags is at my disposal:

Austria – period of years      1700 – 1918

France                                     1770 – 1804

Russia                                     1797 – 1850

Prussia                                    1700 – 1890

Great Britain                           1815


Detail rakouského praporu M1792

The detail of the guard flag.


Detail gardového fr. praporu M 1804


Detail ruského praporu M1792


Detail fr. praporu Garde de la Marine Imperiale M1804

Detail fr. praporu MODÈLE ARMÉE D‘ ITALIE 1797

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  • admin napsal:

    To jsou léta strádání a odříkání 🙂 . Je v tom zhruba 10 let studia a shánění podkladů, informací apod. Děkuji za uznání.

  • Duc de Auerstadt napsal:

    Velice obdivuji vaši práci, já osobně bych se s tím nevypořádal ani náhodou 🙂

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